Sunday, 25 January 2009


Valentines Day is fast approaching so I thought I would start posting some things I have seen that I love...
I have two of these posters, the red one and the blue one, my friend Mark designed them and you can buy them from his fab etsy shop:
he also has a very handsome design blog which is well worth a visit:
I spend quite a lot of time on the livingetc design forum which you should ALL visit, yesterday the lovely Mel linked to this site and these pillows
which in the right room will look fantastic


Hi, this is my first ever blog so hopefully no one will read it for a while until I have got the hang of it!!
I have just come back from a fantastic trip to Barcelona where I was 'babysitting' a group of 37 design students. It is such a beautiful and friendly city and I really want to go back with my family so I can show them around.
The pictures are all of the Sagrada Familia, which is a cathedral designed by Gaudi, but STILL being built almost 90 years after his death, it was amazing to watch the craftsmen at work, they say it will be completed in about 20 years, which is a little depressing because I would love to go back and see it but will be an old lady by then!!
Luckily for us we missed the terrible storms that are now battering the city, although I have come back to the usual wind and rain that seems to define the UK this time of year